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Obviously Stan Kroenke Never Drank From The MLS Cup

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OK, so this has absolutely nothing to do with the Colorado Rapids but I still got a chuckle out of it. Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column for ESPN always contains some fun stuff, and this week it had a tidbit about our owner Stan Kroenke and his adventures with getting sick from the Stanley Cup back in 2001 when his Colorado Avalanche won it.

You can find it on Page 3 of this week's edition:

d. Good story from Michaels, about being careful when you drink from the Stanley Cup, about former Avalanche and current Rams owner Stan Kroenke: "Stan is a man who keeps himself in tip-top shape and never gets sick. When his Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in 2001, he got sick as a dog a few days later and was bedridden for two weeks. He told me he traced it to drinking out of the Cup after the game. So celebrants beware.''

Hey, we can claim now that he stayed as far away as possible from the MLS Cup after winning it because he didn't want to get MLS Cup diseases, not because he doesn't care about the Rapids!