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Colorado Rapids sign youngster Shane O'Neill

(Tip o' the hat to CrazyJ23 for putting up a fanpost correctly speculating this long before it was made official.)

The Colorado Rapids announced earlier today that they signed their young U-18 star Shane O'Neill to a homegrown contract. The youngster from Fairview High School has been tearing it up so far this year playing forward/midfield, scoring 10 goals for the U-18 squad.

He follows the lead of Davy Armstrong, who turned down a chance to play college ball in Washington when he signed his HGC with the Rapids, by signing the contract which will make him available to the first team whenever he's needed. Originally, O'Neill had planned on attending the University of Virginia.

The Irish-American kid will add to the great stock of players the Rapids are cultivating in the midfield and at forward right now. The real question is, how can we turn the kid into a center back without telling him? (Just kidding.)