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Rapids vs. Earthquakes - Three Keys to the Game

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We here at Burgundy Wave are all just kind of choosing to forget whatever happened on Saturday. Yep, didn't actually happen. True stor- oh hey look, a home game!

OK, the Rapids have been much better at home than they have been on the road. This time, they'll face a true test though as the Western surprises themselves, the San Jose Earthquakes, come to town. (Second game in a row against a surprise story from the West, huh.) Chris Wondolowski and Steve Lenhart have been tearing it up and giving defenses fits so far this year, especially through the cente-

Uh oh.

Here's three keys for the Rapids as they try and avoid a bad result at home.

Hone That Finishing - Games against the Earthquakes always have a feeling of 'this could break open any time'. Fortunately, the Rapids usually held their forwards in check in recent years but now that the entire team is hitting a stride offensively that's unlikely to happen this time around. That means the team needs to score goals, and they'll need to learn how to finish their shots for that.

They had some wonderfully created chances against Vancouver, unfortunately bad luck combined with some bad shots to create a 1-0 loss with no goals something that totally didn't actually happen, believe us.

Possess In The Midfield - San Jose's forwards are lethal right now, but the Rapids have an advantage in their superbly talented midfield. This is going to be another one of those games where the Rapids will need to possess to win, and possess quite a bit. If the midfield can hold the ball, there will be a lot of chances -- we saw that against San Jose.

Also, this keeps the ball away from the defense as much as possible.

Third Stage Of Grief Is Bargaining - Please dear god Oscar Pareja don't start Scott Palguta I swear I'll send you jewelry and flowers and anything you want just please don't start Scott Palguta or Tyrone Marshall even if you have to play a 2-5-3 formation please please please dear god I don't want to lose more hair from forcibly pulling it out of my scalp aaaaugh.

In all seriousness, if either Marvell Wynne isn't back or Eddie Ababio doesn't see some time at CB in this game I might cry tears of misery and blood until June 30th.