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Scott Palguta Depth Meter: Post-Palguta Screw Up Edition!


Come on, you knew this was coming. Scott Palguta has started getting decent first team minutes, and that means it's time to pull out the ol' Scott Palguta Depth Meter to see how the Colorado Rapids are doing in the depth department all over the pitch.

You can probably guess which part of the meter is looking quite a bit worse than the others. And if you can't, you probably are either in denial or haven't been paying attention. In either case, I envy you!

For the uninitiated, the Palguta depth meter measures just how close we are to seeing below replacement-level players like Scott Palguta hit the field as a starter. One Palguta head is ideal, as it means there's plenty of depth to spare. Four heads means that we have hit peak Palguta, watch out!

It's not too bad in the forwards right now. Conor Casey is back again, and we're all hoping that he can stave off injury again because every time he comes back from one, it looks like he needs more and more time to get his sea legs back under him. We're also hoping that he stays healthy enough to get on the field with Omar Cummings some time soon. Past those two we're still doing all right with Kamani Hill, Tony Cascio and Andre Akpan providing top level ability, and Edu has started to look better with every start.



Everything seems good to go here, as the team appears to have figured out how to live life without Pablo Mastroeni. Martin Rivero continues to impress as the season goes along and Jeff Larentowicz is his usual self. Even Wells Thompson looks revitalized at times in the new system. Brian Mullan being back isn't hurting matters either, he's been quietly consistent all season long. If Jaime Castrillon would stop being so darn invisible, this team could have one of the top class midfields in the league when they stick in their 4-3-3.



ALERT, ALERT. PALGUTA LEVEL FOUR. PALGUTA LEVEL FOUR. Marvell Wynne is out, Tyrone Marshall is as ineffective as anyone in the league and that means we're seeing Scott Palguta. With Oscar Pareja's insistance on starting one of those three guys next to Drew Moor instead of other options like Eddie Ababio (who else is there?!) we're in very deep trouble when it comes to the defense. Of course, you already knew that.