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Jamie Smith in final stages of getting U.S. Residency

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I did indeed jump the gun a bit on my article about Kohei Yamada and Jamie Smith duking it out over a roster spot last night but fortunately for all of us, the Colorado Rapids tweeted something that quelled all of the fears we may have had about possibly losing a player. It looks like they knew what they were doing, as Jamie Smith has been going through the steps of getting his U.S. Residency. That explains why he didn't appear in the game against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday.

This will put Jamie in the same category that guys like Kosuke Kimura and Omar Cummings are in -- guys who are technically still from other countries but count as Americans so they will not take up international spots. Great news, especially for those of us who are Kohei Yamada fans and didn't want to see him jettisoned over a technicality like that.

Hopefully we'll see our first appearance of the magic foot from Scotland on Wednesday against the Quakes.