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Poll of the week: After losing a six pointer last night, where do you think the Rapids will rankWhere do you think the Rapids will rank in the final standings?

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Last night was a definite disappointment for the Colorado Rapids and their fans. Thanks to their defeat against the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Rapids are officially bumped down from fourth to fifth in the rankings for the Western Conference. That game also tipped the balance so that the Rapids' losses (seven) now outnumber their wins (six).

That move in ranking from fourth to fifth is an unfortunate one indeed, as the gap between the Rapids (who are now at 19 points) and the Seattle Sounders (who now inhabits the fourth place ranking with 24 points) is a bit of a jump at five points. If the Rapids with the upcoming game on Wednesday against the San Jose Earthquakes, they'll jump to 22 points, which still leaves them at 5th in the rankings. That, and they have to contend with other teams nipping at their heels, as it were. Chivas's next game (also this upcoming Wednesday) is against the Montreal Impact, a team ranked near the bottom of the Eastern Conference at 8th place. This puts Chivas in a good position to win that game, which would put them a mere one point below where the Rapids currently stand in the rankings.

Still, we're not even halfway through the season, and there's still plenty of time for pretty much anything to happen. Who knows, once we get Omar Cummings and Marvell Wynne back, the Rapids could blast their way up and be at the top of the final standings! (ahahahaha no - ed)

So what do you think? Where will the Rapids end up in the final standings?