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Why Major League Soccer is Better than the EPL

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The beauty of being a sports fan is that every season begins anew. At the start of each season a fan's dreams for their team are limitless. Fans of every team, in every league, in every sport are dreaming of championships and parades through their city. Except in many of the top European soccer leagues, like the EPL, the dreams of fans from most teams are stifled even before the season begins. Competition in these leagues is so lopsided that nearly every team will never even see a championship.

This is why MLS is better than the EPL: because at the start of every year all fans can realistically dream of their team winning it all. Now, I'm not claiming that the actual soccer is better in MLS. Or that MLS has better players. That would be silly. MLS teams are just better to be a supporter of because your team is more likely to win it all. Keep reading after the jump to see why MLS is the best league to be a supporter of!

In the 16 years that Major League Soccer has been in existence nine different teams have won the MLS Cup and eight different teams have won the Supporters Shield. By comparison, during the same 16 years in the EPL only three different teams (Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea) have finished at the top of the table, only seven teams have finished in the top three and Manchester United has finished outside of the top three.(NOTE: I am excluding this season when Manchester City won because MLS has not yet finished its own season and crowned a champion.)

In the EPL the best teams are those with the most money. Those who can buy the greatest players in the world and have them sit on the bench behind the even better players. Manchester City is the perfect example of money being put into a team so it can win the championship. Unfortunately a salary cap in the EPL, would ruin the competition because all the best players would just take huge contracts in the other top leagues in the world. To create equal competition FIFA would have to enforce a salary cap on all leagues in the world, and we all know that would never happen.

In MLS the best teams are those who can put together a good team with enough depth, based on the limits imposed by the league. A team can go from the top of the league to the bottom in a season (LA Galaxy), or from the bottom to near the top (San Jose Earthquakes), and teams who barely make the playoffs can win the championship (Colorado Rapids!).

All of this is why I believe MLS is the best league to be a supporter of, season in and season out. It gets boring watching the same team win every season, and MLS has managed to create the perfect blend of competition to give all fans a reason to dream at the beginning of the season.

What do you think the best league is to be a supporter of? Sound off in the comments below!