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United States vs. Guatemala showing at two bars in Denver

This man will be watching, will you?
This man will be watching, will you?

If you've been living under a rock, you might not know that you can't just hop on down to any of your favorite bars and ask them to turn on the USMNT's game against Guatemala tonight. It's on Pay Per View status, so only a couple of bars are shelling out the money to show the game, two in particular if you're in the Denver area:

The Three Lions on Colfax will be showing the game for a $5 cover charge to cover the costs of showing the game, and Fado's Irish Pub down in LoDo will be showing it as well. Their charge to get in is slightly higher at $10 but they are also giving out Fado's gift cards of the same amount out in exchange for the charge.

We urge our Denver based fans to pack the houses at Fado's and the Three Lions to watch the US play tonight, since the bars needed to pay extra for the rights to show it.