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Which Colorado Rapids Player Deserves The All Star Vote?

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As is the usual protocol in MLS, six Colorado Rapids players are in the running for the 2012 MLS All Star game against Chelsea FC. Matt Pickens, Drew Moor, Jeff Larentowicz, Jaime Castrillon, Martin Rivero, and Omar Cummings are the lucky six from the Rapids, you can vote for them here.

Do any of them actually deserve to make the all star squad though? I'm saying that three of them are likely to get some decent votes.

Jaime Castrillon, Jeff Larentowicz and Omar Cummings are out of my running here. Larentowicz has been solid but not nearly as spectacular as he was last season, and hasn't provided the offensive boost that the team is used to getting from him yet. Castrillon is the team's scoring leader but seems to disappear whenever he's not actively putting the ball into the net. I shouldn't need to explain why Cummings isn't on there.

That leaves Moor, Rivero and Pickens. Moor has been the anchor of the defense and his usual awesome self this year but is part of a defense among the league's worst so he won't get many looks. Same with Pickens, his sparkling performances are overshadowed by the defense, but I did give him a vote. Rivero is probably my favorite right now, he has been consistent minus only a few performances and is a top five assist provider in the early season. Not bad for a young guy.

Personally, the three who got a vote from me are Drew Moor, Martin Rivero and Matt Pickens, with Rivero getting the slight nod in my eyes. Who do you think deserves to make the All Star team the most from this Rapids squad?