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Martin Rivero: Assist Machine!

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Probably the brightest part of this season for the Rapids has been the acquisition of Martin Rivero, the Argentine born midfielder who has solidified our weakened midfield since the loss of Pablo Mastroeni. Rivero’s effects were immediately shown here in Colorado, he has accumulated five assists and one goal in the nine games in which he has played (he started all of those games as well).

If we were to project those numbers over the rest of the season he would be on pace for 15+ assists and 3 goals. That would be at least 10 more assists the rest of the season. (For a little extra info the Rapids record for assists is 53 by Chris Henderson, and that was for his career with the Rapids.) I would venture to say that Rivero will end the season closer to 20 assists than 15. Very possible considering his amazing set pieces, and that would be MVP type numbers out of the kid in the A column. Not bad for a 22 year old that we're only paying $50,000.

Once the Rapids get Omar Cummings and Conor Casey back and Rivero has more opportunity with our top strikers up front the assists should come flooding in.

Rivero has been a welcome sight here in Burgundy since he was signed. With the Rapids midfield depleted his presence has been huge. We now have someone who can truly play the role of CAM (Central Attacking Midfielder). Rivero isn’t just an assist man either; while he only has one goal so far this year he has taken 19 shots and sooner or later more and more of those are going to be finding the back of the net.