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New Writer ExtravaBonanza!

Hi! My name's Virginia, and I'm looking forward to taking a bit of load off of UZ by doing some writing about my favorite team ever, the Colorado Rapids! I've actually only been attending games since last August, but I was hooked from that very first game. Now a season ticket holder, I watch every game I can, both home and away (and even got the privilege of seeing my first away game against Real Salt Lake last month).

I've been actively blogging for more than 10 years now on various subjects, including cooking and technology. Building websites is also a big hobby of mine, and it's also my job. I run, and up until now I've had to satisfy my urges to do Colorado Rapids related writing on On a related note, I'm still perfecting my "Karma Chameleon" cover about Kamani Hill (it's gonna be a classic!).

Looking forward to writing lots of super fun articles for all of you awesome fans!

(ed. note: Yay)