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Burgundy Wave is looking for new writers


Hey there, sports fans. If you've been reading Burgundy Wave for a while you probably know that I write the majority of what comes out of here. Richard Terry and Bulldog Ben help out as they can but the site is lacking another writer or two to help spread the writing around.

The site is growing and I think it needs help to continue to grow. I've recently started taking on some higher duties with SB Nation - to the point where writing is my only job now - so I've found my time to dedicate to Burgundy Wave lacking more than I'd like. I've worked to keep this site growing from day one and I want to continue to grow it into the best Colorado Rapids blog on the net, but I've hit a point where I need help to do so.

Sadly, I can offer no payment. Only the promise of being able to write for a hopefully half-decent website about your favorite football squad and get your work read by several thousand people per month. If you're interested, shoot me an email at and we can hammer out some details.

Cheers, and go Rapids.