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Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas - Three Keys to the Game

It's time for an FC Dallas match, which means it's time for BENITEZ FACE
It's time for an FC Dallas match, which means it's time for BENITEZ FACE

Sorry for not writing much lately, but after a mid-week loss to the New England Revolution sometimes you just need to take a few days off to sleep off the hangover of pain. (Auuuuggggh) Anyway, there's another game to think about this weekend with the Rapids going down to Frisco to face their old rivals FC Dallas. Last season, the two teams split a win and a loss at their respective home stadiums while in 2010 they drew twice.

Here's three keys to a Rapids victory in Frisco on Sunday.

Conor Casey - Gonna keep putting him here until he starts, honestly.

Work For A Point, Then For Three - I know Ben was extolling the virtues of the phrase 'just win, baby' a little while ago, but at this point the Rapids just need to start looking for points wherever they can get them, which means that they need to start the game looking not to try and blow Dallas out of the water but simply working for a draw. If they can get control of the game well enough to the point where they're looking good to get a draw, then they can start trying to put the pressure on for a win; so far in road games this year they've come out full tilt at the start and it's cost them as the other team has piled on goals at the start.

Defense Vs. Defense - Both the Rapids and Dallas have somewhat underrated defenses, and both teams have defenses that are mostly at full health which means that we might have a strong battle of the back lines on our hands. Both teams have defensive captains as well right now and the battle between our old friend Ugo Ihemelu and Drew Moor (each of whom started playing on the other squad, nice story line!) could be a fun one to watch.

Bonus key: Defend Cleanly - Brek Shea has scored on a couple of PK's the last couple of games... so yeah. Don't give him any and that'll help.