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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Drugcast - Episode 16

No, that's not a typo up there, it's the first ever Drugcast! Why drugcast, you ask? Well, I got an abscess on my arm that needed to be drained on Monday, which means that all week I've been on Vicodin and antibiotics. Mostly the Vicodin.

This was recorded right after the games on Tuesday from the Open Cup finished, and we were itching for some laughs at all the MLS teams that fell out of the tourney. Mostly Salt Lake, of course, but others as well. But mostly Salt Lake. Also, this was recorded before the 4-1 Brazil loss so our preview of that wasn't the most timely thing but whatever.

Check this week's Thugcast out for fun chatting about:

* The madness that was the Open Cup, including the losses by Salt Lake and the Galaxy dominating the headlines (This was recorded before the Timbers managed to lose to Cal FC.)
* Colorado's win over Tampa Bay, and by 'Colorado's win over Tampa Bay' we mean 'making fun of the announcers for the stream of Colorado's win over Tampa Bay'
* MLS Salaries and some butthurt regarding them, lots of discussion about Martin Rivero included!
* Long discussion about the USMNT win over Scotland, and a preview of the Brazil game from yesterday -- neither of us predicted a win, but we hoped they would look decent even in a loss. We did get our wish at least! Ben and I also chat about the upcoming WC qualifiers and who might make the 2014 squad.
* A short recap of the Montreal game, including that controversial goal
* An even shorter preview of the upcoming Kansas City game in the Open Cup

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