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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs. Montreal Impact

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Call it what you will: witchcraft, luck, wind, talent... the Colorado Rapids somehow managed to get the three points from their match against the Montreal Impact, winning 3-2 off of a controversial goal call in the 82nd minute.

The game began much like previous matches, with Colorado allowing the opponents an early goal in our own home stadium. The Rapids though managed to tie the game and take the lead 2-1 by half time. Things were looking bright going into the second half, but Montreal quickly tied the game. Then Tyrone Marshall earned himself a second yellow card and injured himself, resulting in his ejection from the game. The Rapids then seemed to bunker down, playing for the draw.

Soon after though Montreal put in their back-up goal keeper, Greg Sutton. I joked that the Impact must not find the Rapids attack of Wells Thompson to be threatening enough to justify keeping Donovan Ricketts in the game. Though apparently Rickets was injured. Luckily for the Rapids, Sutton was not able to completely clear a ball headed towards the goal by Scott Palguta. The ball bounced along the cross bar, fell back into play and into Jamie Castrillon's reach to give the Rapids a 3-2 advantage.

It was a strange game overall with a lot of good and bad play. So read on after the jump and find out my player ratings from the match!

Scoring Guide
0 - Awful, horrible, why is he even on the field!?
1-3 - Poor. Why is he starting?
4-6 - Decent. Played a reasonable game, but could have done much more.
7-9 - Great game! Did nearly everything right with few mistakes
10 - Perfect game.

Matt Pickens - 7

Another great game for our potential All-Star Keeper. He is still having to work too much because of a poor defense, but made some great saves. You could tell he was frustrated with his defense after the second goal, but kept his communication with them up the rest of the game.

Tyrone Marshall - 2

Last week Marshall nearly redeemed himself in my eyes putting on a great display of defense from the second half against KC. But this week he completely fell apart again. He seemed slow and sloppy, allowing the Impact's second goal, earning himself two yellow cards, an ejection and will now (thankfully!) miss a game. He put the team in a bad position and hurt himself in the middle of his aggressive tackle.

Drew Moor - 7

Moor was one of our best players on the field, per usual. He really holds the defense and backline together. And got his second goal of the season off of a set piece header. Lets not even think about how awful our defense would be with out Drew.

Kosuke Kimura - 4

Kimura played a decent game. He had a couple good runs up the wing, pushing the ball forward. but he also had many other chances missed to create opportunities. He is still a staple of our defense though and I think we are best with him starting. What do you all think of his play?

Hunter Freeman - 6

Freeman has been improving with more time on the field. He seems consistent and holding up our defense relatively well.

Wells Thompson - 5

Thompson got into it with Montreal with some pushing and shoving and a heated exchange. He played consistently, but does not thrive in the role of attacking mid-fielder, which he was trying to do after Marshall was ejected.

Martin Rivero - 8

Rivero was really creating most of our chances. He had one assist and could have had another on our last, strange goal. His placement of the ball on set-pieces and corners is fantastic and he did a great job pushing the ball forward and creating opportunities. I am impressed with his play and excited to see him develop though out the season.

Jeff Larentowicz - 8

Mr. Reliable. The Ginga Ninja scored on the penalty kick and was a wall in the mid-field, not letting much get passed him. Great performance from our should-be-national-teamer.

Jamie Castrillon - 5

Call it luck, but I hope that his game winning goal off the cross bar gives him the confidence to step up his game. Jamie has flashes of brilliance but then loses a pass, or sends a great shot 10 feet over the goal. We are all thankful he was in the right place to give us the 3 points.

Tony Cascio - 5

Cascio is playing with a different partner up top seemingly every week these days. It must be hard for him to find any rhythm as he tries to figure out his new striking partner. Given that Tony looked slightly off and as a result our strikers did not seem to be any threat at all.

Andre Akpan - 4

Poor Andre seemed to be slightly off the whole night. He did not get many touches, but was all over the field. He had no shots and seemed to still be getting used to starting. I hope he turns his performance around because we desperately need him up top right now!


Scott Palguta - 5

We have all been worried about Palguta getting playing time, but he played decently in the 20 or so minutes he was on the pitch. He even nearly had the game winning goal, but instead got the assist for it. I hope the guy steps it up and proves us all wrong!

Harrison Henao - 5

Came on for Thompson and played well. His defense was solid and hopefully he develops into something more.

Kamani Hill - 7

Hill should have been starting, in my opinion. When he came into the game he was really a threat to score, even though we were down to 10 men. He had great runs up field and really gave us the spark we needed to win the game.