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Swansea City Friendly: Tickets go on sale today!

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If I hadn't made it very clear in my last couple of articles, I'm really, really excited about the Swansea City friendly that the Colorado Rapids are hosting in late July. I felt it prudent to let anyone who isn't aware know that tickets for that friendly are going on sale today through TicketHorse, in fact they're going on sale the minute that this article is being posted.

They're starting at $22, which isn't a terrible price to see a top EPL team and the best team in Wales play in your back yard. I'd quite enjoy it if the Dick was rocking for that game -- I doubt Swansea will bring out quite as many plastics fans as a Manchester United or Chelsea or whatever match would bring out so we need to fill the place with burgundy and blue. If the stadium is full, the front office might be more inclined to have some more cool friendlies in the future!

Hope to see you all there on July 24th.