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MLS Salaries: No Colorado Rapids Among MLS' Top Earners

Conor Casey is the highest paid member on the squad, as per usual.
Conor Casey is the highest paid member on the squad, as per usual.

MLS Player Salaries are circulating on the twitters right now and unsurprisingly, the Rapids don't have very many players in the conversation for the top earners in the league.

Steven Goff from the Soccer Insider section of the Washington Post put out an article that was little more than a list of all players in the league making more than 500K per season and there were no Rapids on the list; it was led of course by the big name stars like Thierry Henry, David Beckham et al. It's not surprsing that there are no Rapids on that list since there are no designated players on the squad.

Conor Casey, as usual, leads the Rapids in payment with a $400,000 salary. Jeff Larentowicz, Marvell Wynne, Pablo Mastroeni and Drew Moor are the only other members of the squad making more than $200,000. Martin Rivero is only making $50,000, not much but he is just a loan player technically at the moment so it makes sense.

They have a large number of players making smaller salaries around $44,000, mostly rookies and young guys like Tony Cascio and Eddie Ababio. Rookie Kohei Yamada has the lowest pay on the squad with a $33,750 salary.

One thing to note is that if these payments were actually released on May 15th like it says on the .pdf, they missed Omar Cummings signing his new contract by three days. That explains why his salary is the same $90K salary as last year according to the sheet. It also shows that you should take these numbers with a grain of salt, thy might not all be completely true.

If you want a good laugh, note that Toronto FC (the self-proclaimed 'Worst Team In The World' if you recall) has three players on the top earners list by Soccer Insider. Let's all remember that the next time we feel sad that we don't have any designated players.