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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 15

Hey, hey, yo, hey, let me tell you about Chelsea Football Club.

I mean, wait, what?

We're here again with Episode 15 of the Thugcast after a thrilling week of soccer all around the world, including an incredible finish to the EPL season with West Ham pulling the title out on the final kick of the season, a pretty awesome Championship playoff between West Ham and Blackpool, a great Champions League final and a thrilling if not frustrating match against Sporting Kansas City from our own Colorado Rapids. (We don't talk about the DC United match.)

Check out this week's cast for more hilarious commentary on, among other things...

* Let us tell you about Chelsea Football Club
* The 2-0 DC United loss (blah) and how Ben Olsen used interesting tactical switches to take the Rapids out of their game
* The 2-2 draw against Sporting Kansas City, how much the team didn't give a damn in the first half and how they got their mojo back in the second
* A discussion on physicality in the game of soccer, including complaints from FC Dallas even though they're the dirtiest team in football (besides the Rapids, obviously)
* The OPTA Spotlight article from about the statistical look at the Rapids, and some hilarious overreactions from the Rapids fanbase regarding it (this part takes a while)
* Our weekly poking fun at the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Philadelphia Union
* Montreal Impact preview, complete with a special appearance by the Minnesota police force
* Tony Cascio's favorite Ice Cream flavor

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