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Colorado Rapids to face Tampa Bay Rowdies in US Open Cup Round 3

Jacksonville United of the NPSL couldn't hold off the NASL's Tampa Bay Rowdies on Tuesday evening, even at their home stadium of Patton Park. The Rowdies took the US Open Cup second round game 3-0 and will move on to round three where our Colorado Rapids will be awaiting them.

Unlike Real Salt Lake and the Seattle Sounders, the Rapids didn't bother exploiting the loophole in the newly re-fit tournament rules that allow teams to buy home field advantage, so they will travel to Tampa Bay for the match. Something makes me doubt that the Rowdies or Jacksonville United would draw huge crowds at DSGP, so it makes sense that they wouldn't bother. (The FO also in all likelihood doesn't care about the joke of a tournament that is the Open Cup.)

The game will be on May 29th at 5:30 PM Mountain Time, which will be the only Rapids action we'll be seeing during that giant international layoff we're facing after the Montreal Impact game this Saturday. (It will be a 21 day layoff between league matches, not counting the USOC match.)