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Matt Pickens Up For Save Of The Week After DC Performance

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We all know that Matt Pickens is having a great season between the sticks so far for the Colorado Rapids, but his performance against DC United was the stuff of legends. Sure, the team lost 2-0 but Pickens made some unbelievable stops en route to that, with both goals coming in situations he couldn't do anything about. Pickens has been rewarded for his efforts by getting another Save Of The Week nomination for this week.

He had plenty to choose from, but the save they selected was a lovely deflection over the bar on a long shot from Dwayne De Rosario. It's a shame that Hamdi Salihi's goal went in, because I think his point blank stop right before that was even better minus the rebound he let go for the second goal.

His competition is pretty fierce, with a PK save from Andy Gruenebaum and a fingertip save from inside the six yard box by Sean Johnson currently leading and running second in the competition.

You can vote for Pickens here at