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Some fun Colorado Rapids social media analyzing

In response to the social media numbers, Conor Casey does a jig.
In response to the social media numbers, Conor Casey does a jig.

Got an email yesterday from a guy named Joshua MacFarlaine pointing me to a cool little infographic that he had created. He has a cool little Tumblr called BetaSoccer and he had put together a listing of all of the teams in Major League Soccer and their online identities. By that, I mean he looked at all of the teams accounts on social media networks and both ranked the involvement of the team and involvement of the fans (number of followers, posts etc.) on the pages.

You can find the infographic, complete with snazzy colors and circles and everything, right here.

I'm personally most surprised by the fact that DC United of all teams ranks dead last on the list, considering they've been around and won a lot of trophies since 1996. The one that we're interested in is the Rapids, of course, and they're unsurprisingly at the low end of the spectrum:

* They rank dead last in the Twitterverse with the second fewest followers of any MLS team (under the new Earthquakes) and a fairly low number of tweets sent out from fans, which coincides pretty well with the small number of followers.

* They are actually ranked 5th overall in the Facebook standings, because while there aren't many fans they do talk about the team a heck of a lot.

* On Youtube they don't post often and fans don't watch their posts very often, so they're ranked 15th. It's not particularly out of the ordinary though, since only the Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitecaps and Sporting Kansas City seem to care about their Youtube channels.

That puts the Rapids in at 16th overall. Not the best showing, tell your friends to follow the Rapids on Twitter and Facebook so we can boost that up, mm'kay? Or at the very least, interact online about the team a bit more!