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New England Revolution 2 Colorado Rapids 1 - Chances Go Wanting

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In a year filled with games that the Rapids have deserved nothing and got nothing from, this is probably the first game that we can say they surely deserved to at least snag a point from. It's almost absurd that the Rapids were unable to score more than a single goal, but it's often better to be lucky than good and there was no luck for the burgundy boys in the second half as chance after chance went wanting.

The first half was far more exciting than last year's snoozefest against the Revs at Gillette. Though the Revs stated the game with most of the possession, Jaime Castrillon scored first for the Rapids off a corner kick from Martin Rivero and it looked like we would be seeing another Chivas USA style game where the Rapids let the other team control possession but ended up with the goals.

Unfortunately, Tyrone Marshall starting in the defense over an injured Marvell Wynne turned out to be as bad an idea as it sounds, and the marking in open play was lacking seemingly every time there was decent service in by the Revs. No set piece goals were allowed, but Saer Sene and Fernando Cardenas both took advantage of being as unmarked as a man can be to put the goals in for New England 11 minutes apart.

2-1 was the half time score, but it looked like there were plenty more goals to be scored.

The Revs had other ideas. Instead, the second half made the Rapids look like they were back in that ineffective 4-3-3. The scouting report on Colorado this season was 'Let them possess, put 9 men back and they'll never score' and the Revolution tried that strategy. The frustrating thing is that it didn't actually work for them except for that last part. Colorado spent the second half carving the Revs defense to pieces and getting brilliant chances that just weren't finished.

One needs only look at the stats to see the Colorado, if they had anyone who could actually finish, would have taken the point from New England. Seven shots on goal and 19 in total, 57% possession and some wonderful passing numbers made the 4-4-2 into one of the most effective formations we'd seen from Colorado this season. Of course, possession and kicky kicky pass pass don't mean a damn thing if you can't finish and without Conor Casey, the Rapids don't have anyone who can finish, plain and simple.

In the three minutes of stoppage time the Rapids ceased to even make it interesting when their possession completely dried up. After a dive by Lee Nguyen the referee didn't even bother to give the Rapids the extra 30 seconds that had been wasted at the end, but it hardly mattered.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Jaime Castrillon. Scored the lone goal of the day and put in some good work otherwise.

GOAT OF THE MATCH: Tyrone Marshall. Marvell Wynne, please come back soon because Marshall's adequate play from last year is all but gone from the old man.