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Omar Cummings re-signed by Colorado

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Deserved or not, Omar Cummings has earned an all-star reputation around the league in the past few years and the Colorado Rapids have rewarded his efforts with a new, multi year contract.

Naturally, as with most MLS contracts, the details were not made public.

Cummings scored 14 goals in 2010 as he helped lead the Rapids to the playoffs and eventually to an MLS Cup. In every year except 2010 he's been maddeningly inconsistent with only three goals all of last season and improved but still not dominant play this season before he was sidelined with an ankle injury.

Still, when he's on his game - read: when he's playing with Conor Casey - he's a force to be reckoned with and there's not many guys in the league better at making cutting runs to get 1v1 with the keeper from a lower forward position.

Congratulations to Omar, we can only hope now that he'll put another 14 goals on the board this season to put our faith in our favorite Jamaican striker. And by that I mean, I hope that Casey is still healthy when Cummings comes back so we can get back to the most dominant strike pairing in the league from 2010.

Then again, as I've seen posited on twitter, this might just be a ploy to make him easier trade bait.