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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs. D.C. United

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To paraphrase a Colorado Rapids Supporter from the Backcountry Pizza viewing party in Boulder:

"It’s not a good sign when Matt Pickens looks this good."

On Wednesday night the Rapids fell to D.C. United by a score of 2-0. The Rapids backline struggled to stop DC from getting shots on goal, as United out shot the Rapids 10-2. At least our goalkeeper, Matt Pickens, was in top shape as he made nearly every save possible. The blame for the two goals scored is not on Pickens. Dwayne De Rosario got through the backline to take the keeper on one-on-one to score the first goal. The second goal scored by DC’s Hamdi Salihi was off a rebound that Pickens just couldn’t pick-up after a series of great plays by DC to move the ball across the entire field.

Keep reading after the jump to see who else on the Rapids played to their potential and who faltered.

Scoring Guide
0 - Awful, horrible, why is he even on the field!?
1-3 - Poor. Why is he starting?
4-6 - Decent. Played a reasonable game, but could have done much more.
7-9 - Great game! Did nearly everything right with few mistakes
10 - Perfect game.

Starting XI


Matt Pickens - 9
Pickens played a fantastic game, despite how poorly his defense played. Pickens made save after great save on redhot shots. Without his effort DC would easily have been up 5-0. Pickens kept the Rapids in the game and kept them (slightly) competitive.

Hunter Freeman - 3
I missed seeing Kosuke Kimura out on the pitch. With hunter Freeman playing in his place the backline looked out of sync and was very porous, as DC kept finding ways to get the ball through.

Tyrone Marshall - 1
Marshall crashed into Drew Moor to setup DC United’s first goal. Then he stood there without even trying to clear the rebound as DC scored again. He was inconsistent and messed things up more than he helped. Marvel Wynne is sorely missed!

Drew Moor - 5
The bright spot of the backline, Drew Moor played decent. But he couldn’t save the Rapids from such a horrible defensive display by himself and suffered as a result of the rest of the team’s poor play.

Luis Zapata - 2
Luis Zapata had an awful game. He looked like he couldn’t keep up with the attackers near our penalty box, turning every which way to try to get a better angle. He had poor passes, and a cross into the box that could have been the opportunity we needed towards the end of the game, but the ball went over the entire team.


Jeff Larentowicz - 5
The Ginga Ninja had three shots, and played well in the mid-field but could just never get anything thing going for the Rapids. Larentowicz also got a yellow card in the second half and overall could have played a better game.

Jamie Castrillion - 5
He had one of the Rapids two shots on goal. Played consistently, but like the rest of the team could have done much better. No real glaring mistakes, but nothing great either.

Brian Mullan - 5
Mullan missed a shot early, and then was subbed at the half. He wasn’t really creating any opportunities and just didn’t seem to fit the system.

Martin Rivero - 4
Rivero has potential, but is certainly not living up to his hype. I’m excited to see his development this season. He had a couple great opportunities to make things happen, including a pass to Conor Casey what was just a little bit late. Near the end of the match Martin Rivero was on the ground after a hard tackle, and he kicked at the DC United player as retaliation and received a yellow card. This was uncalled for and I hope to see better out of him.


Tony Cascio - 6
Tony Cascio kept up his good form in his rookie season. Though ultimately he did not add to his case for rookie of the year, Cascio assisted in creating some great opportunities that didn’t work out. He showed his skill at keeping the ball in play near the corner, and had a cross into the box that could have resulted in a goal.

Conor Casey - 7
He runs as if his boots were lead, Conor, Conor! Conor Casey Rapids Number Nine! This was Casey first start back from injury since last season and for the first half he gave the team a lot of energy and chances with multiple shots, but the team looked as if they were a bit off with passes to and from Conor being just slightly behind. With more work together as a starting unit, Conor will improve and the team will learn his style (ie. Smashing into the box up top and not being in the mid-field).


Kamani Hill (45’) on for Mullan - 5
Kamani Hill came on at the half for Mullan and had two shots in the game. Still the change didn’t really create any chances on the pitch and the Rapids ultimately had nothing to show for the game.

Edu (65’) on for Casey - 4
What did you all think of Edu’s MLS debut tonight? Honestly, I don’t remember him getting a touch on the ball or making that much of an impact on the game. Let me know in the comments what you thought of Edu’s night.

Wells Thompson (78’) on for Castrillon - N/A
Had one long shot towards the goal, but ultimately didn’t play enough to give a solid rating to in this game.

I want to hear what our little rafting community thinks of this! Shout out your player ratings in the comments section!!