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Burgundy Wave +1

May I introduce myself as a man of many nicknames (generally complimentary), most recently "Dawg". I believe that collegiate name was birthed from my style of energetic but also brash and erratic soccer. I'd like to think there was a pinch of grace and intelligence involved as well but in the end they are just memories.

Most of my playing career took place here, in my beloved home of Colorado. I went through the club and ODP system and then played collegiately at the Colorado School of Mines. I also spent an enamoring year on the north side of Madrid when the likes of Beckham, Raul, Ronaldo (the Brazilian one), Figo, and Zidane represented Los Merengues. Even after exposure to La Liga, I always wanted to play the game rather than watch. Unfortunately, my old bones say otherwise and now I must direct all of that passion into spectating and supporting.

I am hoping that my contribution to the Burgundy Wave will be both an outlet for my soccer obsession and more importantly, a fuel for your fire. With that said, GO RAPIDS!!!