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Colorado Rapids vs. DC United - Three Questions With Black And Red United

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Finally, after 10 days of nothing we're back to some Colorado Rapids soccer on Wednesday. Ahead of the game against DC United, Martin Shatzer from our wonderful DC blog Black And Red United exchanged some questions about our teams with each other.

My questions to him about our black and red foes are below, you can check out my answers to his queries about the Rapids over at B&RU.

BW: D.C. is a very injured team right now, unfortunately. Of all the guys who are out right now, who would you say is the most key injury for the team's success as a whole?

B&RU: If he was out, then I'd say Perry Kitchen, but D.C. United received some fantastic news today that what we thought was a torn ligament on Saturday turned out to be no severe damage. Kitchen might not wind up playing Wednesday night, but he won't be out nearly as long as we feared. So instead, the answer to your question is Emiliano Dudar, the fearless and savvy 6'-4" Argentine center back that had been a big reason for United's seven-game undefeated streak that ended in San Jose, and his departure was a big reason for that loss to the Earthquakes, and last week to the Dynamo.

BW: Colorado has a rookie of the year candidate in Tony Cascio, but even more impressive than Tony is DC's Nick DeLeon. What's been the key to his early success as a player in his ROY campaign run?

B&RU: It may sound insignificant or small, but Nick DeLeon's first touch is incredible. Always exactly where he wants it to go. If he's receiving the ball in traffic, he pushes it away from danger to keep possession. If he's got space, he uses it and advances the ball quickly up the field. DeLeon is huge for United in transition. He's quick, a good finisher, and a better crosser. When a rookie is taking your corners and some free kicks on a team that also includes Dwayne De Rosario, you know he's something special. Unfortunately though, DeLeon has missed the last couple matches with a hamstring strain, and could miss Wednesday's match too, although Andy Najar filled in quite well on his left flank against the Houston Dynamo.

BW: We all know the Pontius', the DeRo's, the Santos' etc. but who's a guy we might not have heard of that could hurt the Rapids in the attack on Wednesday?

B&RU: Ah yes, the man you are describing is Hamdi Salihi. The Albanian Bomber came to MLS with a ridiculous strike rate on his record from Rapid Vienna, but he started the season with nine straight games without a goal. That streak ended in San Jose, and he started a new one, scoring against Toronto FC as well. Salihi isn't the type of player to create his own goal, and his physical strength won't intimidate anyone in the vein of Conor Casey, but he can finish. Oh can he finish. Salihi will take a difficult chance in which most players wouldn't even think about shooting, and he'll score while making it look easy.