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Poll of the Week: First Team Against Swansea City?

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So the Colorado Rapids (not to mention all of us fans) are looking forward to a friendly match against Swansea City this upcoming July 24th, which is sure to be a great game. However, this game happens smack dab in the middle of a week with a match against Real Salt Lake on Saturday, July 21st, and a match against Seattle Sounders on the next Saturday.

This begs the question: is three games in a week going to be a bit too much to keep the first team at peak performance for all three games? This could be a great opportunity to bring out the backups, both as relief for the first team as well as to give the Rapid's backup players a chance to shine against such a unique opponent.

However, playing against an EPL team will surely give the Rapids additional media exposure. This game has great potential to help the Rapids grow their fan base. Not having the first team play could potentially dampen this opportunity.

What do you think, can the Rapids withstand two tough games sandwiching the Swansea friendly while playing their first team during the midweek, at least for a half?