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Another one joins the fold

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Hello! You can call me BK. I answered UZ's call for more writers on this site, and although I have no experience writing sports blogs he is giving me a shot due to my die hard Rapids love. I have been a fan of the Rapids since 2005 when I started visiting Denver over the 4th of July. I still remember my first game when there was a storm that caused a delay. My friend and I stood in the rain while the first half finished. When I moved to Denver in 2009 the first thing I did was buy season tickets.

I have experienced watching the Rapids from almost all over Dick's Sporting Goods Park. I will always remember when the good guys won the Eastern Conference Championship in 2010. Standing in the Supporter's Terrace as the final whistle blew and the stands went crazy is one of my favorite memories.

I look forward to writing for this site and sharing my thoughts and ideas on the Rapids!