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Colorado Rapids to host Swansea City in July

That was my reaction to the news as well, guys.
That was my reaction to the news as well, guys.

OK, we kind of brought this on ourselves. For quite a while now, Dick's Sporting Goods Park has been without any real international flair and fans have been clamoring for an international friendly to liven things up a bit for years. In the past few seasons, teams have been hosting the likes of Manchester United or Chelsea, and recently the Philadelphia Union hosted a very good Schalke team.

So naturally, the Rapids are taking on Swansea City.

Don't scoff, it's actually probably a good thing. Bringing in Manchester United or Manchester City might be fun, but it almost always ends in humiliation for the MLS side. (Though Philly did beat Schalke in that game I mentioned earlier and we did enjoy KC beating Man United's H team back in 2010.) Now the Rapids get to see a lower tier team take them on in what should be a far more entertaining game than your average 7-0 Man U victory.

The game will be on July 24th and tickets will be on sale early to season ticket holders. Indeed, it should be fun, being the first international friendly at DSGP since 2009.

Fun fact: I put 10 bucks on Swansea when I was in Las Vegas to win the EPL, so this should be fun since I now get to yell at them for letting me down.