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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 13

We're going it early this week! Usually the Thugcast is out on Thursdays as you know, but this week we're releasing two days early because of the scheduled game on Wednesday so we can talk about the New England Revolution.

Tune in this week to hear Chris and Ben talk about such exciting topics as:

* The Chivas USA game, the death of Sexy Football as we know it and other such discussions about the switch back to the 4-4-2 and why it was a good idea.
* The return of Conor Casey and the fact that he was fantastic in his one minute of play despite the Opta Chalkboard giving him no respect.
* Previews for the New England Revolution and FC Dallas games coming up this week, with Ben being a lot less optimistic than I am after the 4-0 Chivas win. (That's a role reversal, ain't it?!)

Click on the logo down there to listen to this week's Thugcast, as usual hosted by