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Rapids Need To Find Their First Half Offense

This guy should help out a bit.
This guy should help out a bit.

The Colorado Rapids have shown some some offensive ability so far this season, earning a +2 goal differential through their first eight games. They have scored 12 goals, good for third most in the Western Conference and tied for fifth in the league in general with Sporting Kansas City.

Unfortunately, they seem to have a problem starting games on the right foot and scoring goals right off the bat. 11 of their 12 goals so far have come in the second half of games. The only goal that they've scored in the first half of a game was in the 44th minute, Drew Moor's header against the Columbus Crew that ended up being the first goal they scored all season.

The problem is mostly that other teams have been pretty good at putting up goals in the first half on the Rapids. 2-0 score lines going into the half against the Galaxy and Red Bulls made things very difficult. In fact, every single win the Rapids have registered so far has come in a game that they have held their opponents scoreless in the first half, and three of those wins came only when the Rapids were able to shut the other team out in the end.

Perhaps Conor Casey being stuck back into the roster will help out the anemic first half offense, it's very much easier to win games when you can put goals up early and get momentum rolling in your favor.