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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 10

That 2-0 win by the Colorado Rapids over the Chicago Fire was lovely, and we at the Rapids Thugcast are gushing over Martin Rivero. That's pretty much what makes up the bulk of this week's Podcast. Of course, we have a chat about the upcoming Hell Month and even better, the Rocky Mountain Cup week coming up.

This week, you can hear Ben and myself talk about:

* The Rapids 2-0 win over Chicago, particularly how Omar Cummings, Brian Mullan (hurr durr Seattle) and of course Martin Rivero looked.
* "cumming ha ha at the dick lolq"
* Making fun of Simon Borg, for a multitude of reasons but mostly because of his stupid comments following the Colin Clarke incident.
* Discussion of the new players and how they've been boosting the team up this season.
* Pablo Mastroeni, how his career might be over soon and why he deserves a bigger sending off from the league than he's likely to get.
* How nobody wanted Kamani Hill except the Rapids, and how the Rapids got it right by grabbing him.
* Predictions for Saturday at Real Salt Lake, with both of us making the same prediction, I believe it's not a win for the first time this season in the Thugcast. (I'll be there!)
* Laughing at the table once again.

Click on the logo down there, click on the Thugcast Logo down there. Thanks as usual to for hosting it.