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Colorado Rapids reportedly sign Columbian Harrison Henao

Nothing is really concrete about this one, with most of the sources I can find being pages in Spanish and the like. It looks like the Colorado Rapids might have signed yet another South American player to their roster, 23 year old Columbian Harrison Henao.That particular site claims that the Rapids have signed him on loan until December, while this one that's been floating around twitter between Rapids fans confirms that story.

From what little info is out there about the kid, we know he plays midfielder and forward for Once Caldas, the winners of the Colombian league in 2010/2011. It's yet another bolstering to the midfield corps of the team, likely in response to the news of Pablo Mastroeni likely missing another month or two.

Hat tip to our friend aheffelf for posting a video of Henao down in a comments section. The video can be found here. More on this will be posted if the Rapids ever confirm that they have actually signed him, as of this writing they've put no word out of their own.

Oh yeah, and he likes to do the 'Zidane Spin'.