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Conor Casey may be back with the first team by April 21

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Chris Bianchi posted a tweet earlier today about Conor Casey, and it's the tweet that we've all been waiting for someone to post about Casey ever since we heard he was back on the field training with the team and going almost full tilt. It looks like Casey is almost ready to return to the Colorado Rapids, as soon as the April 21st game against the LA Galaxy.

Conor was originally injured last season against the Seattle Sounders as he took a slip on the slippery grass and tore his Achilles tendon. Remarkably, this return - assuming no complications arise in the next few weeks - will mark the third time in his career that he has come back from a major injury.

There's been no word on who he might replace on the field when he comes back, my hunch is that Omar Cummings is going to slide over to Brian Mullan's high striker/winger position and Conor will man the middle spot in the top of the 4-3-3. The offense has looked fairly good without him so far this year but he always bangs them in when he's around, or at least helps the rest of the offense around him get a lot more space to work with all the room he commands.

As the Rapids start to get more heavily into the many, many Western Conference games they'll play this year, any extra source of offense will help.