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Colorado Rapids sign Edu

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This is one that we all saw coming a while ago. A few weeks back, the Colorado Rapids started training Brazilian forward Luis Eduardo Schmidt, better known as Edu. Amidst the Kamani Hill and Harrison Henao signings he kind of got lost in the paperwork, but it was announced a few days ago that he had gotten back with the team. The eventual signing of the international was announced Thursday.

The 33 year old Brazilian has vast experience around the world including two stints in La Liga with Celta de Vigo and Real Betis along with a handful of teams in the Brazilian league. He's also gotten a cap with the Brazilian Men's National Team, and we all know that you can't do that if you're a slouch.

Edu will be another welcome addition into an offense that has grown stagnant over the past couple of weeks. Welcome to the club, Edu!