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Who hits the bench for Conor Casey?

Omar Cummings has three goals in the young MLS season, but will he still see the field come Saturday?
Omar Cummings has three goals in the young MLS season, but will he still see the field come Saturday?

Edit: Chris Bianchi reported earlier that Conor is likely to be a super-sub for the game rather than starting. In that case, I switched the poll to just reflect who he'll replace when he comes in.

With Conor Casey finally returning to the Colorado Rapids line up after almost 10 months of rehab and recovery from both an Achilles Tendon tear and more recently strep throat, it's time to ask the all important question. Who is going to go to the bench in place of Casey?

Of course, there's a chance that Casey doesn't start but with the offense sputtering to a halt the way that it has the past three weeks, it's pretty obvious that they need a boost and Casey seems the perfect medicine. In that regard, I assume he's going to see the field as soon as he possibly can, which would be minute one against Chivas USA on Saturday.

Who are the candidates for replacement?

Omar Cummings - There has been a small contingent of 'bench Omar' people since his slow start to the season which has kept getting louder every week that he has looked uninspired. (Minus, of course, his one moment of brilliance against LA last weekend.) Still, he leads the team in goals right now and looks ready to explode if he can just stop being so isolated in that high forward position.

If Omar isn't the one benched, and I highly doubt he will be, he's likely to take the wing spot of whoever gets benched which would put him back into his comfort zone. At that point, we can start cookin'.

Brian Mullan - It's been a weird season for Mullan where he's kind of hung on the edge of good and bad at the same time playing that high winger/striker position. He's probably suffered more than anyone else on the team from the new system and position change, so I think he's the most likely candidate to get benched.

Tony Cascio - Cascio would seem the obvious answer if we're going by veteran order here. The rookie started off the season strong but has played merely good since his great goal against Philadelphia. Of course, only more minutes on the field can help increase his ability but it could be seen as benching him for the greater good if Conor is the other option.

So what say you, who gets benched for Conor on Saturday?