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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 12

I'd like to point out ahead of time that I made a really big screw up in this one, it was David Lopes who committed that egregious dive that I kept blaming on A.J. DeLaGarza. I have no idea why I thought it was him. My bad, guys. This doesn't change the fact that LA was diving all over the place, of course.

Well, we're back again with the dirtiest podcast in football with yet another loss on our hands and we're not gonna lie down and take it anymore! Or maybe we are, I haven't decided yet. Either way, Ben and I are here to talk about that gut wrenching loss to the LA Galaxy by our Colorado Rapids.

Check out this week's Thugcast to hear pearls of wisdom on such topics as:

* The crowd at DSGP, why it was such an incredible atmosphere and why everyone who was at that game should come back for Chivas next weekend, even though David 'Back Spams' Beckham won't be there this time.
* Omar Cummings' brilliant first goal and less than brilliant penalty kick. Ben and I disagree on whether or not it was really Omar who was meant to take it in the first place.
* Kamani Hill's appearance playing attacking midfield, adding to the list of guys being played out of position on the team.
* Saturday's game against Chivas USA, including more way too optimistic predictions of winning and Conor Casey finally returning to the field.
* Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Where is he now?

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