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Rapids Reserves continue to tear it up with Akpan leading the way

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The Colorado Rapids aren't doing too hot right now in MLS' regular season with a 3-4-0 record going into this weekend's game against Chivas USA. They can take heart though with the team's depth. The Rapids Reserve League team has been on an absolute tear with Andre Akpan leading the way.

Through five games the reserves are 3-2-0 with those three wins coming in a row thanks to the continued emergence of Akpan. His three goals lead the reserve squad this season with a goal in their most recent game against Sporting Kansas City as well as a brace against the Chicago Fire earlier.

Several years ago, Colorado had the problem of a great reserve team with a lacking first team when they won the reserve league a couple times, but now both teams have great players and the first team are just trying to get a new system down. It's still cool to see that the team has improved its depth to the point where both teams have the talent to win.

The question is, will Akpan's great play in the reserves translate to some more appearances in the first team? He's certainly earned the chance after so many years of being held back.

A recap of the SKC game that featured Akpan's latest goal can be found at the Rapids official website.