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Chalk Talk - Hill's Start Goes Well

That was the look on my face too for most of the game.
That was the look on my face too for most of the game.

As with last year, Burgundy Wave is going to use the wonderful Chalk Board feature from OptaSports to dissect the play of a player or two from the Colorado Rapids after every game. Follow along on the chalkboard for the Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy.

As the Rapids have continued to spiral down in the early goings of this season, there's not been much to celebrate. They've played decently at times in their losses to Real Salt Lake, Seattle and most recently the LA Galaxy but again, they've all been losses. Still, there's been some good shining through the mire. Kamani Hill's first ever start as a Rapid against LA was a good sign.

Starting in place of Martin Rivero was never going to be an easy task for Hill, considering the good play that Rivero has put in at the attacking midfielder position so far this season. The biggest concern was actually Hill's fitness, you'll remember that he was immensely tired after only 10 minutes in his first appearance against the Chicago Fire a short few weeks ago.

Apparently, we didn't need to worry as he seemed up to the challenge for at least 60 minutes of football.

Hill was asked to wander the field quite a bit and he held the ball for a good chunk of time playing a very flowing position that saw him level with the strikers at some times and back near Jeff Larentowicz at others. His passing was mostly in sync with 33 successful passes. Most of those came from the attacking half as well, a pleasant surprise considering the biggest problem with the team lately has been the passing in the final third. Of course, one of his only two passes that were into the 18 yard box was a failed chip. Actually, both of his passes into the 18 were chips and neither were in great positions.

Shows that Hill still has work to do, obviously. Attacking midfielder isn't really his position of choice and he did look very tired near the end of his appearance, so his fitness still needs a bit more upping before he can be a consistent guy on the field for Colorado.

If he can build on that start against a very good LA team though, it shouldn't be a problem if Hill is penciled into the starting line up more often.