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Kamani Hill to start in midfield over Martin Rivero tonight

Forget David Beckham playing for the LA Galaxy and Conor Casey being out with strep throat, the Colorado Rapids have a far more intriguing story in their line up tonight, with the line up card being released minutes ago. Martin Rivero, rumored to be suffering quad problems after playing on the Seattle Sounders mediocre turf field, has been left completely out of the eighteen man game day roster.

In his place in the starting XI? New addition and striker by trade Kamani Hill.

The biggest issue I can see with this change is that Hill was immensely unfit after his first appearance with the team against the Chicago Fire a few weeks back. He said himself that he was out of breath after only ten minutes of football, despite looking good enough to score a goal. We'll have to assume that his fitness has improved to at least 45 minute levels, or this move is... curious.

(Also Beckham is totally playing.)