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Conor Casey out for Saturday

Getty Images

Earlier in the month, the news was that Conor Casey was going to likely return from his nine month injury rehab to play the LA Galaxy on April 21st. Earlier in the week, the news turned instead to Conor Casey being sick with strep throat and missing practice.

Unfortunately, it looks like the sickness has won out, with several practices being missed by Casey which should probably keep him out of Saturday's game. After a nine month rehab, going straight into a game situation without a week of preparation is usually an inadvisable idea. We'll expect to see Casey against Chivas USA in the following home game if he doesn't play against LA.

With the rumor that David Beckham will actually be showing up this time around for the Galaxy game, this could turn out to be a pretty interesting one. Unfortunately, inserting Beckham into LA and removing Casey from Colorado doesn't sound like a great formula for the home team.