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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 11

So if you didn't notice (you didn't notice) we took the week off last week. Our apologies, as my technology decided to crap out on me and Ben was off pretending to be on a tropical vacation. It's not like we missed much of anything anyway, right? Right?

Either way, we're back with Episode 11! Check out this week's Thugcast to hear Ben and myself ramble on about:

* The Seattle Sounders game, specifically the fact that the offense once again looked disjointed and unconnected in the final third, though they did put together a solid defensive and possession game, perhaps unlucky to lose 1-0 in the end.
* Brian Mullan and Kosuke Kimura's right side being the target area for opposing teams, and why it's working so well for them.
* The upcoming LA Galaxy game, including the requisite jabs at David Beckham. Note that this was recorded before the Conor Casey strep throat news came out, so we were sure he would be back.

Click the logo below to listen to the Thugcast, hosted as always by!