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Will David Beckham play against the Rapids on Saturday?

'Ahaha you think I'm going to play at Altitude?'
'Ahaha you think I'm going to play at Altitude?'

Looking at the past few years since David Beckham joined the LA Galaxy, you'd think that the guy just doesn't like Colorado. Every time that the Galaxy and Rapids play, Beckham seems to be absent. Last season was the worst example of it - at least he was injured some of those other times - where he was rumored to be playing the entire week right up until game time, when it was revealed that he didn't even travel with the team because of 'back spasms' that weren't listed on the injury report.

In fact, the English legend has only played a single game in Colorado since joining the league, back in 2008 when his Galaxy were creamed 4-0.

So will David Beckham play on Saturday when the Galaxy come to Dick's Sporting Goods Park to face the Rapids? History would seem to suggest no. Who knows though, maybe he'll surprise us. (And make no mistake, it would surprise the hell out of us.)

...Yeah, we don't think so either.

EDIT: Apparently the Denver Post has the idea that Beckham is for sure going to be playing. Never heard that one before.