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Chalk Talk: Moor Of That, Please

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As with last year, Burgundy Wave is going to use the wonderful Chalk Board feature from OptaSports to dissect the play of a player or two from the Colorado Rapids after every game. Follow along on the chalkboard for the Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders.

The biggest complaint - well, amidst an ocean of them, perhaps one of the biggest - after the Colorado Rapids dropped that 2-0 game to Real Salt Lake was the fact that Oscar Pareja had made some questionable roster moves going in to try for a defensive game. One of those was to put Drew Moor up into a box to box midfielder role in order to fit another center back onto the field.

Yeah, it didn't work.

If we wanted proof of the notion that Drew Moor should never, ever, ever, ever, ever play attacking midfielder instead of his usual center back position, all we have to do is look at this game. It was vintage Drew Moor, and he's not celebrated nearly enough for our tastes - ideally we would never stop celebrating the awesomeness that is Moor - so let's take a look at it.

Moor was in his usual comfort zone, and the zone we should always hope to see him in all honesty, on Saturday. If you look at the heat map, he didn't go past the halfway line but for a couple of times, and even then he stuck quite close to it. If you watched him against Salt Lake, he looked fairly uncomfortable playing so much offense. His passing suffered and his inability to put great crosses in was exposed as it was last year when he was forced to play so much left back.

The thing that makes Moor such a great all around CB isn't just his ability to defend - and make no mistake, his defending is among the best in the league - but his distribution. Jeff Larentowicz, even when he has a mediocre game, is at least getting the ball well so he can spread it out.

Moor hooked up for 57 successful passes during the game against Seattle, with six passes going errant.Two of those six were past the center line as well, with one being a long ball that didn't work, which was a problem that we saw quite a bit during that game.

Of course, take nothing away from his defending. Unfortunately during the RSL game he was unable to play much defense as he was forced to awkwardly go forward too often. He had a handful of both clearances and interceptions but only a single foul to his name. Good stuff.

In short, Drew Moor is awesome and if we ever have to play him in the midfield again I will cry myself to sleep.