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Brian Mullan blah hurp derp Rapids blah Sounders blah blah rabble rabble

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Oscar Pareja had better play Brian Mullan this weekend against the Seattle Sounders. Not particularly because it will be the best option for the team - we all know that I think moving him to the bench with Omar Cummings shifting over and Andre Akpan or someone taking the top spot in the 4-3-3 is the best idea - but because it will finally give Seattle fans what they've been waiting for; a chance to let loose on the man who injured Steve Zakuani. He's not speaking to the media pre-game except for releasing a blanket 'I'm still sorry' statement, so we have no idea if he's going to make it onto the field from his comments.

If he plays, the fans at the CLink will finally get a chance to get the booing, the jeering, the angry tifo, the death threats classy Mullan hate and everything else they want going during the game. The Sounders will likely win - the Rapids have never won a game in Seattle after all - and the fans should be placated. That combined with Zakuani getting in shape to return soon should be enough to end the year long debacle that Mullan launched when he tackled Steve studs up last April 22nd.

Though if he scores a goal somehow at CLink Field that would probably be the most hilarious sh*tstorm in the history of MLS, so this could backfire. At this point I'd kind of rather just have him play the worst game of his career and just get it out of the way so we can all move on with ourselves.