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MLS All Star Game: All Stars Will Face Chelsea... *yawn*

*hic* Bahtendah, ca' I have anoth'r Cooors Light? *hic*
*hic* Bahtendah, ca' I have anoth'r Cooors Light? *hic*

Once again, Major League Soccer made a huge deal about the All Star Game, calling a press conference for the announcement of who the All Stars will be playing at PPL Park this year. Surprise surprise, they grew tired of losing horribly to Manchester United and will instead lose terribly to Chelsea this season.

Sure, there was a point where the All Stars were beating the worldly teams that they were bringing in, including Celtic at DSGP back in 2007 (and Chelsea in 2006, actually) but after those two Manchester United losses it's become apparent that EPL teams being brought in won't just play their D teams any more, instead putting out sides that are just as good and usually, if only slightly, better than the MLS teams.

Quite frankly, I still don't understand the appeal of watching MLS teams play EPL teams. Sure, all the Chelsea bandwagoners in America will like it but another loss will just add to the old fire of 'I just can't watch MLS with the sub-par quality they put out!' that we always hear from the soccer hipsters. It's always about the money with MLS, which is why we don't bring in a West Bromwich or Swansea or other lower tier EPL team in that the MLS All Stars might actually have a chance against. If it's not 'Sky 6', there's not as much money to be made.

Maybe I'm still bitter about that whole 'Conor Casey getting injured because the Sounders wanted to slobber on Man U's shoes' thing.

Also, Piotr Nowak is going to be the coach of the All Stars so either way this is going to be hilarious.