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2011 Player Rating and Review: Omar Cummings

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hurp derp

This offseason, the Burgundy Wave staff will give short reviews on the play of all Colorado Rapids players who received a decent amount of time on the pitch during the season along with a season grade. Starting with Goalkeepers and then moving up the field as necessary from defenders to forwards, today we'll feature Omar Cummings.

Name: Omar Cummings
Number: 14
Appearances: 26 (8)
Stats: 3 Goals, 6 Assists
Come on, Omar...

Oh, Omar. You were supposed to be the shining star of 2011, you were supposed to put in 10+ goals and lead the Rapids to another brilliant finish. Instead, 2011 turned out to be the worst season statistically of Omar's career, with only a big batch of assists on Sanna Nyassi goals making his stats look even remotely acceptable for a 'star' striker who started 18 games.

With Conor Casey, he scored 14 goals in 2010, but other teams seemed to start to solve him around the playoffs when Casey went on a scoring tear and Cummings went goal-less. It looked throughout the year that it was kind of a 'Casey made Cummings' scenario, and unfortunately that view point looks to have been proven true in 2011 when Casey missed most of the year.

Omar spent most of the season trying to be a hero, making bad passes, bad shot choices and cheeky backheel attempts to the opposing team half the time. He only scored three goals and looked absolutely lost on the road - all three goals were at home - and until a three game tear he went on along with Sanna Nyassi his stats were absolutely pathetic to match his play.

All hope isn't lost though, because everyone seemed off in 2011 so jumping to conclusions would be a mistake.

With Conor Casey out for the start of the year, it's going to be up to Omar to score the goals from the striker position at the beginning of 2012. Hopefully he can learn how to be effective without his big guy by his side this time around. If anyone can help, it's probably Oscar Pareja. Heck, Pareja's apparently making Quincy freakin' Amarikwa look good.