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Anthony Wallace has torn his Achilles Tendon

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All right, it's official; Anthony Wallace is the most unlucky player on the Colorado Rapids. In what was supposed to be a career year for the young left back in 2011, he spent almost the entire year out with injuries of various sorts, eventually leading to a micro-fracture surgery on his knee during the preseason which he just started training again from.

In training on Sunday, Wallace tore his left Achilles tendon, which is slated to keep him out for at least 6-9 months assuming everything goes as planned. This is the same injury that Conor Casey suffered, but it's likely to do a lot more damage for the speedy Wallace than the slow Casey in the future. His surgery is scheduled for Thursday.

At this point, we just have to hope that we see Wallace play for the Colorado Rapids at some point in the future again. Terrible luck for a player who's been ready to blow up with potential for years now. Get well, Wally!

It's unclear if the Rapids will bring in a new left back to take his place or just go with Luis Zapata, Hunter Freeman and Scott Palguta as their left back tandem until Wallace can go again.