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Pablo Mastroeni is out, Martin Rivero is in for Sunday

This is pretty much the go-to 'Pablo is injured' picture.
This is pretty much the go-to 'Pablo is injured' picture.

Bad news on the front of the Colorado Rapids captain, Pablo Mastroeni. Chris Bianchi tweeted on Thursday that the Captain will miss the game against the Chicago Fire on Thursday because of the lingering head injuries that have stuck with him since week one when he was elbowed in the back of the head against the Columbus Crew.

Martin Rivero's ITC is finally in so he will be eligible to play on Sunday and according to Bianchi is likely to be starting in Pablo's usual position, the higher attacking midfield spot in the center of the field. Past that, I'll assume the striker gang up top is probably going to remain the same with Brian Mullan, Omar Cummings and Tony Cascio getting the start up top. (Unless Kamani Hill reeeeally impressed someone, or something.)

Even with Mastroeni out, the midfield should receive a boost because Jeff Larentowicz will be returning from his one game suspension to play in the pivot at the back of the 4-3-3.