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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 9

That 4-1 performance wasn't the best of performances from the Colorado Rapids, and as such this wasn't the best of podcasts from Burgundy Wave this week... at least in terms of variety of topics. We hope you'll enjoy our 45 minute complete dissection of that game against the New York Red Bulls. Oh, and some talk about Chicago as well but mostly New York. What else was there to talk about, really?

Check out myself and Ben chatting about the following:

* Theirry Henry's masterclass performance and why it was indeed all him that caused that game to go as out of hand as it did.
* Why Ross LaBauex shouldn't be getting quite as much flak as he has been getting, and why replacing him with 'anyone at this point' would have been a mistake by Oscar Pareja.
* How the 'typical Rapids' were actually out-thugged by the Red Bulls.
* Discussion on the 'corpse of the Brian Mullan incident' being dragged out for absolutely no reason, featuring me sounding like I'm doing my best version of Chacarron Macarron.
* Talking about how Martin Rivero could have changed the game significantly. Also, this featured us totally calling the fact that Rivero was going to get his ITC while bitching about the AFA. Seriously, the news broke like an hour after we finished recording. I also called 'Tebow to New York' last week, Ben and I are taking this act to Vegas if it keeps up.
* Discussion on why we think we'll beat Chicago... or at least draw them. Also, why Dominic Oduro might be an outside pick for the Golden Boot this season.
* I make the bold prediction that 'there will be more home fans than away fans this week'.
* A bit of discussion on the Western Conference table and how it got a bit screwy last week. Seriously, Vancouver is top, what the $#&*.

Click on the Thugcast link as per usual to check out this week's Thugcast, as hosted by